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Five ways in which the District Institute of Education & Training (DIET) can change the education landscape of India

District Institutes of Education & Training (DIET) are government institutions that were developed to ensure educational innovation at the district level in India. Their primary role is to provide pre-service and in-service training to government school teachers and leaders. These institutions embody the principle of decentralization, envisioning DIETs to shape their design and training as suitable to their context and needs.

This blog explores five ways in which DIETs can revolutionize education nationwide. From promoting inclusive education, to engaging communities, to promoting innovative teaching methods - the role of DIETs in reshaping India's educational landscape is immense and we have witnessed it through our work across geographies. 

Download the PDF file attached to read the full blog by Sushant Kumar, Mantra4Change.

How can DIETs change the education landscape (3)
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अन्ना भाई
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Good to read.

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