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Teachers Take the Lead!

“Staying away from school perhaps left our children yearning for those experiences they had here. Their eagerness and excitement to learn during these times are reflective of how they perceive the importance of learning for themselves,” said Ms. Chandrika, a teacher at a Government Higher Primary School.

Ms. Chandrika has been very active in creating learning content as videos and sharing them on WhatsApp groups.

A snapshot from the video learning resource created by Ms. Chandrika

“With the help of Mantra4Change, we conduct online classes for students who have smartphones. But what about students who don’t have access to these phones? There are also students who can’t afford to stay on Zoom for long periods of time as it demands a lot of internet access; or students who have both, are sometimes not able to attend and capture everything explained in an online class due to disturbances in network connectivity. Hence, a colleague of mine and I decided to shoot videos and share it on the groups – This will not only help the students attain everything taught but also go back to it when they forget.“ said Ms. Chandrika.

Teachers have been creating learning content alongside ensuring that the learning is sustainable among the students of their school. At the same time, also managing a lot of administrative and survey work allocated to them by the Department.

We at Mantra4Change, work towards ensuring that each student receives enhanced learning experiences and when we see teachers coming out of their way to ensure student learning, it gives us immense pleasure.

– Contributed by Team Mantra4Change

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