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Teacher Education and Training in India: Government Policy analysis since Independence

Teacher education and training play a pivotal role in shaping the quality of education in any country. Recognizing the crucial role that teachers and teacher educators play in fostering effective learning environments, India, since its independence in 1947, has acknowledged the need for well-prepared and competent educators to drive educational reforms and advancements. Consequently, the formulation and implementation of policies regarding teacher education have remained a significant aspect of educational development in the country.

Despite the undeniable significance of teacher education, concrete and sustainable measures have often been elusive in the Indian educational landscape. However, it is equally important to acknowledge that teacher education in India has undergone significant changes and developments, reflecting the ongoing commitment to improving the quality of education.

In doing so, this article aspires to contribute to the broader discourse on teacher education, providing insights into the policies that have shaped India's educational landscape and offering valuable lessons for policymakers, educators, and researchers invested in improving education in the country.

Download the PDF file attached to this blog post to read this detailed policy analysis by Sushant Kumar, Program Communications Lead, Mantra4Change.

Teacher Education and Training in India
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