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Learning during the pandemic


School@Home Project

Facilitate learning experience through videos, engaging 1500+ students with 35+ teachers from 10 low-income private schools over a course of 3 months.

Student Sabhas

The program was based on a student-led model and facilitated daily engaging sessions with an aim of instilling 21-century skills, thereby fostering innovative project creations.

Quarantine Camps

The program provided a virtual platform, facilitating seamless student-teacher interaction across various domains.

Conducive, vibrant school environment

Classroom revived with print-rich (Nali Kali) material in Anekal Block 

An invested and engaged school community

  • 22,397 home learning spaces set up in coordination of the leaders with the parents at Tumkur district 

  • Overall PTM attendance recorded at 80% in the clusters

Well-supported teachers

  • Cluster Resources Persons holding spaces for teachers to reflect, learn, and connect with each other

  • Block and District Mentors visiting schools more often and more focused on supporting teachers and school leaders

Leaders engage in learning and enabling improvement

  • 1,35,000 school leaders in Uttar Pradesh commenced their improvement journey by taking leadership development courses and exploring projects to implement their learnings

  • 100% of the Teacher Education Institutions in Bihar are creating institutional development plans based on regular self-assessments

What do transformed schools look like?


The Punjab Education Collective was formed with Punjab School Education Department and partner organizations- Sanjhi Sikhiya, Samarthya, and ShikshaLokam, to improve the quality of education and community engagement with schools across state.

19,328 Schools

800+ Education Leaders


The intervention is aimed at enabling state-wide school improvement as well as reviving district institutes to provide superior instructional support to schools and teachers.

69,000 Schools

5,000 Leaders

Uttar Pradesh

Aligned with Mission Prerna, the intervention is aimed at enhancing school leadership across the state towards improving foundational literacy and numeracy skills among students.

1,35,000 Schools

8,280 Leaders


Collaborating with District Institute of Education and Training, Tumkur and Madhugiri, District-level intervention focuses on instructional leadership development to work closely with schools, demonstrating and innovating school improvement approaches.

3,500+ Schools

9,000+ Teachers

3,500+ School Leaders

Andhra Pradesh

Transforming schools in the Andhra Pradesh Residential Education Institutions Society (APREIS) with a focus on supporting diverse communities.

108 Schools

1600 Teachers









Food packets delivered to 2000 individuals

Travel refreshments for 15,000 migrants

Ration kits delivered to 1000 families

Supplies provided to 3 health care centres

Supported 300 policemen

Support provided to 8 hospitals

2000+ covid cure kits distributed


By partnering with Suriya Foundation, we sought to provide support for frontline staff fighting the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as the patients, families, and migrant workers affected by it.

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