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Creating a Learning Environment and Story of Enrollment Drive

We usually feel a little confused about the children’s learning. If we look for the learning insights, facilitators must create an environment for the learning. As we all know that student learning is a continuous process, whether we learn from lessons or from their interests and learning. If these questions are posed and answered well, the children will learn from themselves.

Children who have been deprived of formal education for nearly 2 years due to Covid can find it difficult to adjust to the school environment again as they have attuned their minds to different media. Getting them back to school is a challenge and in this situation the new academic year has been introduced which is “KALIKA CHETHARIKE YEAR 2022” and as a part of this Rainbow Show played a unique role.

We enthusiastically conducted the 15 days of the Rainbow learning program for the students in our school. Students enjoyed participating in this activity by expressing their interests and participating in various activities based on learning projects, e.g. painting and drawing, making mud puppets, singing and dancing, by doing these activities student were developing their leadership too. Rainbow Program has created these opportunities for the student to work on their skills.

We believe that the parent’s participation plays a vital role in the student’s learning and development. It’s their responsibility to support the students learning and creativity at home. The parents of school students’ during the PTA meet regularly and give suggestions to the school related to academics.

In the present academic year, the SDMC, parents and other community members have been involved in the Enrollment Drive to get the students back to school. Home visit was the strategy we used and got enrolled 5 students for the 1st standard. For this, as part of the Enrollment Drive the school teachers have created the video for the school promotion which shared on what’s app groups in the village. This we shared with other HMS in Cluster HMs Meetings, click below to watch the video.

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