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Virtual Parent Teacher Meets!

Virtual Stakeholders Meets have always been a source of inspiration for us as we get to interact with parents from our clusters across the Anekal Education Block.

As parents play an important role in student learning when at home, it is important to keep them updated on the current happenings with respect to their child’s education. In such periodic meetings, albeit virtually, parents share the experiences of witnessing their children learn at home.

“Seeing my child engage in learning through project-based activities feels very rewarding.”, said Mr. Srikanth, a parent who was present on the call.

“It is very important for us as parents to know what our children are doing each day so we could support them in their learning in any way possible. The role that a parent plays in their child’s education, demands for them to be involved in every school activity for the benefit of all children. We are glad to be able to witness and shape our child’s learning in whatever way we can. ,” said Mr. Somashekhar, an School Management and Development Committee member present on the call.

Supportive home environments are imperative to improved learning. When we create a strong, impressionable, and active parental engagement in the child’s education, we pave the way for better quality and enriched learning experiences for the child. Systemic education transformation is not possible without this crucial arm – parents.

– Contributed by Team MANTRA

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