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Attending Online Classes – A Dream for Many

During this pandemic, we set up Mantra’s first Quarantine Camp. No, it’s not a health camp for COVID 19 testing but a virtual haven for children to learn with their peers and teachers!

“Attending online class was near to a dream for me studying in Government schools in our country, but now it all seems like a dream come true!”, said Pavitra, a girl studying in a Government Higher Primary School.

Teachers began taking up online classes during weekdays, alongside Quarantine Camps every Sunday. “I saw how excited, intrigued and happy the students were when they saw and interacted with each other and their teachers in the first two sessions of Quarantine Camp and I felt that I could also conduct such sessions during the weekdays in order to revise or even start new topics, hence I started conducting classes every afternoon.”, said Ms. Geetha, a teacher at a Government Higher Primary School.

In every session, we had different teachers from the clusters come take classes for around 60-70 students each session. There were instances where parents also attended the sessions to see what their children were learning.

“During normal days as before, when my daughter used to go to school, I always wanted to see her learn, it was never a thing I could do! And now, I sit and observe the sessions that my child attends and feel happy when she answers a question that her teachers ask!”, said Mr. Ashok, a parent of a student studying at Government Higher Primary School.

– Contributed by Team PACE, Mantra4Change

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